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About Bulgaria - General Information

Population: 7978646
Area: 110933
Language: Bulgarian
Capital: Sofia
Currency: BGN (Lev)
Value: €1 = 1.95 leva



Always drive very carefully in Bulgaria for the sake of the bad roads in the countryside. Do not speeding. In the cities and around them the roads are better. The speed limit in the cities is 50 km, outside the cities the speed limit is 80 km. On the Highways Bulgaria posses two main highways - Sofia - Bourgas and Sofia - Varna the speed limit is 130 km.

Petrol Stations

There are four big petrol chains in Bulgaria: OMV, Shell, Petrol and Luk Oil. The fuel is with a good quality in these petrol stations and you can pay there cash or by credit card.

Emergency numbers

150 - First aid
160 - Fire department
166 - Police department


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